Defiance Metal Products of Ohio

Executive Management

  Stephen Mance - Chief Executive Officer

Ken Daiss- Chief Financial Officer

Rick Creedmore - Vice President of Operations and Quality

Mark Koenen - Vice President Sales & Marketing

JoEllen Frederick - Director of HR

Rick Williams - Director of Purchasing

Corporate Management

  Jodie Mohr - Corporate Benefits/Payroll Manager

Linda Goller - Corporate Credit Manager

Michelle Wagner - Corporate Demand Planning Manager

Ralph Hall - Corporate Commodity Manager

Peggy Wolf - Corporate Commodity Manager

Plant Management


Ron Seifert - Plants Manager

Todd Pariseau - Production Control Manager

Lisa Thiel
- HR Manager

Shaun Meeks - Seneca Manufacturing Manager

Scott Dickinson - Operations Manager

Eric Schultz - Engineering Manager

Sales and Business Development


Sales and Business Development Team

Customer Service

  Becky Gutman - Customer Service Representative

Jodi Mendizabal - Customer Service Representative

Sarah Smith - Customer Service Representative

Judy Shoemaker - Customer Service Representative

Jackie Urivez - Customer Service Representative

Project Engineering/Estimating


Bill Bridenbaugh - Engineering Manager, Product Engineering

Chris Frank - Project Engineer

Alysia Callender - Manufacturing Engineer

Gary Collins - Project Engineer

Greg Gerken - Project Engineer

Dave Stephens
- Project Engineer

Dan Stoufer - Project Engineer

Jack Weisgerber - Project Engineer


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