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Powder Coating

To better serve our customers, DMP has installed Powder Coating lines at our Defiance, Ohio and Bedford, Pennsylvania facilities. We have the capacity to coat parts made by DMP as well as parts for paint-only customers.

Ohio's Powder Coat line can handle part sizes as large as 48 "x60"x96" with a maximum part weight of 350 pounds. The units incorporates a five-stage spray wash pretreatment system fed by an overhead monorail conveyor.

After cleaning, parts enter a forced air dry-off oven, then pass through an environmental room where a dry powder made of a finely ground mixture of pigment and resin is applied. The electrostatically charged powder adhears to the metal as it is raised to an overhead convection cure oven where it is melted and fused to the part.

Our Pennsylvania system is a batch Powder Coat line capable of coating parts as large as 6' 6" H x 44" W x 12' L weighing up to 1300 lbs.

These systems were designed to coat both medium and high volume parts efficiently using both manual and automatic equipment.

Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating produces a high quality finish that will make your metal products durable, attractive, scratch and corrosion resistant.

A powder coated part, properly installed and maintained, should be relatively permanent. A powder coat finish will not crack, chip or peel as with conventional paint films.

Electrodeposition Epoxy Coating ~ E-Coating

E-Coated Door

A high production E-Coat line is installed in the Arkansas and Ohio plants.

Ohio's system is a 13 stage system with a package size of 120"X60"X50" and a package load of 1200 pounds (Arkansas: 48 "x54"x96" with max weight of 800 lbs ).

Benefits of E-Coating


E-Coating is a superior undercoating method because the part is dipped in a paint tank allowing the paint to flow into hard to reach areas that could not be painted with a spray application. It is electroplated onto the metal and then fully cured in an 8,000,000 BTU oven.

E-coating combined with powder coating provides an exceptionally high quality corrosion and scratch resistant finish for your metal products.


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