Welding & Secondary Operations

Manual WeldMany of the parts we produce are components of assemblies. As such they are welded, bolted or riveted to other parts. Our assembly departments use resistance welders sized from 35 to 300 KVA. We have resistance welding machines with automatic feeders for simple fastener installation and spot welding guns used to build complex automotive sub assemblies. Manual TIG welders are used to assemble appearance items such as battery box covers, steps and tool boxes. Many chassis parts such as control arms, axel brackets, bumper mounts and crossmembers are built using our huge array of manual MIG welders.

Robotic Welding

We use a variety of Robotic Welders that are capable of ARC welding, MIG & TIG welding.

Robotic Welders

Automated Robotic Welding Benefits Include:



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